Water exercise is a low impact activity that provides a range of health benefits for people of all ages.


We have three indoor pool areas, with varying depths and temperatures, that cater for a wide range of ages, abilities and programs.

Main pool

Our Olympic-sized pool is heated to 29 degrees and available for water exercise, recreational play, lap swimming, aquatic group fitness classes and user group programs. It has eight lanes and an adjustable boom to facilitate two 25m pool areas and a 50m pool. this pool has wheelchair accessibility and ranges from 1.4m to 2.0m in depth.

Warm water pool

Ideal for aquatic programs, classes and treatments, including exercise and rehabilitation. It has an average temperature of 33 degrees, and can relieve muscle aches and pain, help rehabilitation, increase blood flow to the joints and improve flexibility.

Leisure and Swim School pool

Having fun in the water is what our Leisure and Swim School pools are all about. Water temperature will sit at approximately 29 degrees and provide an option for general water play and activities and our Swim School.

Please be mindful of the length of time you and your children spend in the water. Young children who are in the pool for long periods of time may be more susceptible to grazes from the nonslip surfaces as their already soft skin becomes softer. All pools at SPLASH, to a depth of 1.4m require a slip resistance tile to protect against falls and potentially serious injuries. The tiles in these pools are routinely inspected and tested, and meet the Australian Building Code minimum nonslip standards.


Our two spas are heated between 33 to 35 degrees and help to ease muscle pain, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, reduce stress and assist in weight loss.


Our sauna will provide dry heat to help flush toxins and assist in weight management. The air temperature ranges from 70 to 90 degrees.

Steam room

With temperatures up to 45 degrees, our steam room provides relief and healing for stiff joints and sore muscles, improves blood circulation, relieves sinus congestion and detoxifies the body and mind.


Take the plunge and enjoy every loop, twist and turn of our two waterslides. Standing at just under 14 metres tall, they are definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Riders will hit top speeds of up to 50km an hour in the large slide and 30km an hour in the smaller slide.

Kids Aqua Play Zone

Our Kids Aqua Play Zone helps little ones get active and develop their water skills. Complete with mini waterslides, dump buckets, splash wheels and other activities, this area is suitable for children up to 10 years of age.