Active Dance

Learn a broad range of dance styles & performance skills, boost your confidence and make new friends. Come along to GET ACTIVE DANCE classes for children, teens and adults. Our Classes are based on a non-competitive approach, which enables all to participate at an equal level. Classes are led by fully qualified staff and conducted in a fun and welcoming atmosphere for all.

For all abilities and ages *Acrobatics * Hip Hop * Jazz * Singing * Tap Dance * Bollywood * Ballet * Contemporary * Breakdance and Special needs Programs

When: Begins Monday 28, January

Cost: $26.00 Fortnight Direct Debit - Debits comence Monday 28 January 2019

Location: Craigieburn Sports Stadium

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Zumba Kids

Our Zumba kids classes feature kid-friendly routines based on original Zumba choreography. We break down the steps, add games, activities and cultural exploration elements into the class structure. It helps to develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a normal part of children’s lives by making fitness fun. Classes incorporate key childhood development elements like leadership, respect, team work, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, cultural awareness. Perfect for Girls and Boys 4 to 13 years of age.

When: Begins Tuesday 17, July

Times: 4pm - 4.50pm (4 to 7 years) and 5pm - 5.50pm (8 to 13 years)

Cost: $60 per school term (paid in advance)

Location: Splash Aqua Park and Leisure Centre

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Taekwondo Just For Fun

Our Taekwondo Just For Fun program is perfect for Girls and Boys 4 to 13 years of age. Taekwondo is a popular Korean striking martial arts that is focused primarily on kicks and punches & strikes. This is undertaken in a safe and welcoming environment and is great to increase activity and overall fitness.

When: Begins Thursday 19, July

Times: 4.00pm - 4.50pm (4 to 7 years) 4.50pm-5.45pm (8 to 13 years)

Cost: $100 per school term (paid in advance)

Location: Splash Aqua Park and Leisure Centre

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Acrobatics Classes

Our Acrobatics classes are taught using Artistic Gymnastic tumbling techniques and also include elements of partner balancing, trampet work and contortion. Acrobatic classes help dancers build upper body strength, agility and flexibility which can be beneficial in other dance genres. Our Acrobatics classes are designed on skill base rather than age to allow for students to work to their fullest potential.

When: Begins Saturday 21, July

Times: Saturday's 11.00am-12.00pm All Levels Acrobatics Dance (5 to 9 years)

Cost: $135 per school term (paid in advance)

Location: Craigieburn Sports Stadium

Singstars Classes

A fun and exciting new program that teaches dance moves & singing all in the one class. Our Glee Club will make you feel good enrich lives and it’s fun, what more can you ask for.

When: Begins Monday 16, July

Times: Junior Singstars 6.00-7.00pm (5-12 years)

Cost: $135 per school term (paid in advance) Discounts apply or more then one class

Location: Craigieburn Sports Stadium

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For more information and all bookings, please speak to one of our friendly Customer Service Officers.

Enrolment and Payment is at Splash Aqua Park And Leisure Centre. Some classes will also be held at Craigieburn Sports Centre Craigieburn Rd, Craigieburn

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