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Personal Training can benefit everyone.

You'll achieve the results you're after in record time with the help of our dedicated and experienced personal trainers. Whether your goal is weight loss, strength development, athletic performance, stress relief - or if you just need to find motivation and stay on track, our trainers will work with you to achieve your goals and help you get real results.

We provide personalized programming, technique correction, nutritional and health advice, motivation, accountability and more.


30 minutes

60 minutes

1 visit

$63.85 $82.85
5 visits $307.90 $390.50
10 visits
$513.10 $650.00

Meet the Personal Trainer Team!

Meet Glenda dedicated to achieving results with all her clients and is particular in her training methods. Specialising in weight loss, strength training and group fitness, she is able to incorporate the best of all styles to help her clients achieve their goals. Click here to enquire and find out more about Glenda

Meet Kiyoco, an energetic, bubbly and enthusiastic trainer with a proven ability to help people achieve their fitness goals no matter how big or small. Her training style is fair but hard enough to achieve results. She's willing to put in the time and effort, doing whatever it takes to make sure her clients succeed. Click here to enquire and find out more about Kiyoco

Savio's vast array of experience has him specialising in muscle development, functional training, weight loss, strength and conditioning as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation. If you are looking for someone who has passion to motivate and encourage his clients to realise their own potential or injury management Savio is your trainer. Click here to find out more about Savio

Kristine is a highly experienced and competent trainer with a passion for training and, more importantly, helping clients achieve their goals. For Kristine there is no better feeling than seeing someone change their lifestyle to achieve what they envisioned. Her passion for fitness is evident in her enthusiasm to work with clients towards their health and fitness goals. To enquire and to find out more about Kristine click here

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