We're open!

As restrictions continue to ease, our centres will adapt and change how we operate so that we can ensure a safe environment for you.

Changes from Monday 7 December

After carefully reviewing the restrictions for gyms and pools, we have decided to resume more services, which means big changes! The following changes will come into effect next Monday 7 December:

Memberships will be reactivated.

Your membership will be reactivated, as we can now fulfill our membership obligations! This means you no longer need to pay for visit passes. If you need to confirm your current membership plan, please contact us.

We know some of you will not be ready to return, so we’re offering free suspension until March 2021. Please fill out our form to change or suspend your membership.

Visit Passes: The number of days and visits you had remaining on your Visit Pass prior to our closure is unchanged.

We're resuming full operating hours.

We're back to our usual operating hours, which are:
Mon-Fri: 5.30am-10pm
Sat-Sun: 8am-5pm

Those wanting 24-hours access to the gym will need to be re-inducted to ensure you aware of COVID-19 safety precautions. The link will be sent to your mobile phone later in the week.

Booking no longer required.

Our capacity has increased so booking is no longer required for access to pools, group fitness classes and the gym. Members can check in by scanning their wristband or card. Casuals must check in via a QR code upon entry.

There are still capacity limits in place, as per Victorian Government restrictions. Please be mindful of this when attending during peak times.


Booking no longer required. Please see our operating hours.

What's different?

Our team have taken steps to ensure a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. We will be operating differently so that we can ensure a safe environment for you and have made positive changes to our centre including:

  • increased cleaning regime
  • for those that do not need to book their visit, we prefer card payment upon arrival
  • health screening on arrival
  • hand sanitisation stations throughout the facility
  • person limits in areas, pools and classes
  • reducing opening hours.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you changing your opening hours?

Yes. Our operating hours have changed but we are available to take your calls from 9am-5pm.

Can I be assured that the centre is clean?

Cleaning is our highest priority. A program is in place to disinfect all high-touch surfaces on a regular basis and extra cleaning in between sessions. Hand sanitiser stations are located throughout the facilities.

What is my responsibility regarding social distancing?

  • Practice social distancing at all times when in and around the facility.
  • If asked by our team to adjust your positioning please follow their guidance.
  • Please observe all signage and practice hand hygiene.
  • Floor markers will indicate safe distances.
  • Wear a mask when inside the facility.

Are change rooms, showers or toilets available?

  • Changerooms and showers are now available
  • Toilets are available.
  • Please allow yourself time to change during your session times if needed, as you will need to leave the facility at the end of your session.
  • Toilet facilities will be cleaned frequently throughout the day to ensure we maintain a high level of safety. We ask that members support these healthy habits by washing your hands after using these facilities.

Are lockers available?

Lockers are now available and regularly cleaned.

Are drink fountains available?

Drink fountains will be available to fill bottles, but not for directly drinking. We ask patrons to wash or sanitise their hands before using drink fountains to fill their own bottles.


What’s happening to my membership?

Memberships will remain on suspension during this phase of restrictions. Attending the facility during these restricted operations will be on a pay per use pre-booked online system and will not impact your membership.

It's cheaper to use my membership why can't it be reactivated?

As members will need to book in advance, continuing memberships is not practical at this stage. As some sessions will book out or become unavailable, a pay per use system has been established to be fair to all members. Memberships will be reactivated from Monday 7, December.

Can I sign up to be a member?

We are taking new memberships however you will be placed on suspension immediately until all memberships and direct debits recommence. The joining fee will need to be paid upfront as per membership terms and conditions. Please contact your local facility for further information.

Gym and group fitness

Do I have to wear a face mask while exercising?

Please have your face mask on when entering and walking around the facility, unless you have a lawful exception.

If you are doing exercise or physical activity where you are out of breath or puffing, such as jogging or running, you do not need to wear a face mask. You do have to carry a face mask with you so you can wear it before or after exercising, unless you have a lawful exception.

You must wear a face mask when doing light exercise and stretching even if the 1.5 metre physical distancing is maintained unless you have a lawful excuse such as a medical condition, where it would be dangerous to have obstructed breathing while walking around.

You can be fined if we are audited and you are not wearing or carrying a face mask while in the centre.

How many people will be able to attend each session?

Gyms are limited to 150 people per session.

Indoor group fitness classes are limited to 20 people per class.

How do I book into a session?

Members have been forwarded a link to book into sessions online. If you have not received this email or SMS and believe you should have, please get in touch with us.

When can I book?

Bookings will be available at least 7 days in advance and close 2 hours before the session or program, subject to availability.

I don’t have a credit card, can I pay for a session pass?

Payments are required at the time of booking online. If online payments are not an option, you will need to call your leisure centre during operating hours to make other payment arrangements. Contact details are at the bottom of this page. Cash payments will not be accepted.

Can I attend without having a booking?

No. Bookings are required for all activities.

Can I book back to back sessions?
Members will be able to book back to back sessions, however we remind members that they will need to have left the facility at the end of the session to allow staff to clean before returning for their next session.

Can I bring someone with me?

Due to government restrictions we have maximum capacities for all pre-booked sessions. Please contact us via email or phone if you need to bring a carer. Spectators/visitors will not be permitted entry.


Do I have to wear a face mask while exercising?

Please have your face mask on when entering and walking around the facility, unless you have a lawful exception.

You can be fined if we are audited and you are not wearing or carrying a face mask while in the centre.

You do not need to wear or carry a mask while in the water.

Are pools open?

Pools are open see operating hours.

Do I need to book into a session?

We are no longer taking bookings.

How many people will be able to attend?

We can allow up to 150 people at any time.

Can I get changed or shower before or after my swim?

Yes, our change facilities are open.

Is the pool safe, what changes have you made to ensure the water is clean?

Our water management systems have been reviewed inline with recent changes to government regulations to continue to meet a high standard of safety. All our pools are disinfected with chlorine in-line with the Public Health and Well Being Regulations. Chlorine is proven to disinfect pathogens which include viruses such as COVID-19.

Can I bring my child for a swim?

Yes, everyone is welcome as long as we comply with capacities.

Are the waterslides or aqua play zone open at Splash?

Aqua Park is open from 4 to 6.30pm Monday to Friday

Waterslides remain closed and we will provide an update if this changes.

Can I use the equipment, and do I need to bring my own?

As a measure to further reduce any risk, equipment will not be provided. You can bring your own equipment from home If you need to purchase equipment, we will have basic equipment available for sale from Tuesday, 1 December.

Will the disability hoist be available?

The disability hoist will be available for patrons who require this equipment. Please speak with staff as you attend the facility to be given access. We ask that patrons manage their time appropriately to exit the facility by the end of their session.

Can I use the spa, steam, sauna?

The spas, steam room and saunas will be open to one person per 4 square metres, so we will have time limits in place for these areas.

Can I move between pools?

All pools are now open and you can move between pools as long as you continue to maintain social distancing and wear your mask when not in the water. Age restrictions apply in the Warm Water Pool, Spa, Sauna and Stem.

Can I just drop in and swim if a lane is available?

Yes, We are still heavily restricted on numbers and there may be significant ques on hot days.

Will the pools at Broadmeadows and Splash be in 50m configuration for lap swimming?

Yes. The main pools at Broadmeadows and Splash will be in 50m configuration. The indoor 25m pool will be open at Sunbury.

Swimming lessons

When are lessons restarting?

Lessons will return from Monday 1, February 2021.

When will payments recommence?

The first debit will occur on Monday 1, February 2021.

How much will my payments be?

Debit amounts will remain as they were in March, we have frozen all 2019-2020 prices.

Do I still get my one month free?

Yes, Learn to Swim members will have free access to pools in January with their swim and play membership, See our friendly reception staff on entry for student and supervising parent or guardian.

Will I still have the same class day, time and teacher?

To keep your same enrolment time and day you must complete the link provided by Tuesday December 15. We can not guarantee our teachers will return to the same shifts in 2021.

Can I Change days and times?

Yes, when you complete the form there is an option for us to contact you to discuss suitable times.

Do I need to re-enrol into the program?

Yes, Please complete the form emailed to all Learn to Swim families before Tuesday 15, December to secure your position.

What if I don't complete the form?

If we have not received your form by Tuesday 15, December we will assume that you no longer wish to swim in our program.

Can I Suspend my Swim and Play membership?

Yes, Members will have the option to forfeit there spot in the term 1 program and still enrol into term 2 lessons if we have availability. To enrol back into term 2 parents will need to contact swim school before April 19th (start term 2), they will have priority in the program without waiting on waitlist. We can not guarantee they will be able to have the same day and time in term 2 if they forfeit their position.

Do students have any access to the pools?

Capacity in our pools have increased greatly, so you no longer need to book to attend. Please see our website for current operating hours to plan your next visit.

Are you currently taking new enrolments?

At this stage, we are taking expressions of interest for new enrolments however these will not be confirmed until we restart the swimming program.

For those wishing to enrol at Splash, enquiries will be added to the waiting list and contacted when spaces become available. Please refer to the Splash Learn to Swim page for further details.

Contact Details

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Our staff will be available for any questions via email or phone.

Email: splash@hume.vic.gov.au
Phone: (03) 9356 6800