Sunday's Announcement means we're open from Monday 1 November!

As restrictions continue to ease, our centres will adapt and change how we operate so that we can ensure a safe environment for you.

We're resuming full operating hours

We're back to our usual operating hours, which are:
Mon-Fri: 5.30am-10pm
Sat-Sun: 8am-5pm

24/7 Gym : 10pm-5.30am Monday 1 November

Please see our operating hours page for more details,

There are still capacity limits in place, as per Victorian Government restrictions. Please be mindful of this when attending during peak times.

Covid Restrictions

Vaccinations - Members and guests 12 years and 2 months or older attending the facility will need to show proof of double vaccination or an authorised medical exemption upon entry.

  • If you have a medical exemption, this will need to be on your immunisation history. You will also need to provide photo id.
  • We are unable to hold this information so you will be required to show proof on every visit.

Masks - No longer need to be worn from 11.59pm Thursday 18 November.

Check in - You must check in via Government QR code on entry.

  • If you do not have a smart phone, staff can assist you and you will need to provide photo ID

Acceptable Vaccination and Exemption Certificates

Memberships including Swim and Play will be reactivated

Your membership will be reactivated from Monday 1 November. We know some of you will be unable to meet the current COVID restrictions or not yet be ready to return, so we’re offering free suspension until 31 December 2021.
Please fill out our form to change or suspend your membership:

Gym, Aquatic, Group Fitness members

Swim and Play Members

Visit Passes:

Expiry dates have been extended to all visit passes. The number of days and visits you had remaining prior to our closure is unchanged.

Active Kids

  • We will not be running our Active kids programs including Taekwondo, Water groovers and dance classes for the remiander of 2021.
  • Credits have been applied to membership for missed classes.

What does this mean members?

  • Memberships will be reactivated on Monday 1 November. Members may be charged a partial (pro rata) payment before we reopen in line with their membership debit schedule. .
  • If you have any credits on your membership account, these will be used first.   
  • Visit Passes: The number of days and visits you had remaining on your Visit Pass prior to our closure is unchanged. 
  • If you are uncomfortable returning at this stage or are unable to meet the vaccination requirements. Please fill out our suspension request form prior to your next scheduled debit.

What does this mean for Swim and Play members?

  • Swimming lessons will start back from Monday 8 November
  • Debits will recommence from Monday 1 November
    • This may be a half payment for a few members
    • Others may not see a debit at all
  • Any lessons paid for in advance will be automatically credited and no member will be disadvantaged for lessons not received.

Keep our Centre Safe

You play a vital role in helping us maintain a safe environment We ask that you help us by:

  • Following Covid Marshall and staff directions.
  • Showing proof of double vaccination or an authorised medical exemption on every visit.
  • If you have a medical exemption, you will also need to provide photo ID.
  • Checking in via a QR code on entry. If you do not have a smart phone, staff can assist you. You will need to provide photo ID.
  • Listening out for announcements and instructions.
  • Adhering to capacity limits in our pools, classes and all other areas.
  • Staying home if you are unwell.
  • Using hand sanitiser and handwashing regularly, especially after touching high-tough. points such as exercise equipment and handrails.
  • Practicing social distancing.

Frequently asked questions

We will update this regularly as more questions arise

General Centre Operations

Are you changing your opening hours?

Whilst we have returned to our usual operating hours, we anticipate there being some times where restrictions on access to the pool hall may apply. Please see the Pools FAQ’s below for further details.

The Gym has returned to full operation hours including 24/7 gym access from 10pm Monday 1

Who can attend?

We are open to members and casuals that are double vaccinated or have an authorised medical exemption. There are limits in all areas so please look out for signs and note that we may reach capacity and restrict entry to areas of the facility.

Can I be assured that the centre is clean?

Cleaning is our highest priority. A program is in place to disinfect all high-touch surfaces on a regular basis. Hand sanitiser stations are located throughout the facilities.

What is my responsibility regarding social distancing?

  • Practice social distancing at all times when in and around the facility.
  • If asked by our team to adjust your positioning please follow their guidance.
  • Please observe all signage and practice hand hygiene.
  • Floor markers will indicate safe distances.

Are change rooms, showers or toilets available?

  • Changerooms and showers should be open.
  • Toilets are available.
  • Toilet facilities will be cleaned frequently throughout the day to ensure we maintain a high level of safety. We ask that members support these healthy habits by washing your hands after using these facilities.

Are lockers available?

Lockers are now available and regularly cleaned.

Are drink fountains available?

Drink fountains will be available to fill bottles, but not for directly drinking. We ask patrons to wash or sanitise their hands before using drink fountains to fill their own bottles.

Swimming Lessons

When are lessons restarting?

Lessons will return from Monday 8, November 2021.

How are lessons running?

Lessons are now running as normal.

Can I swim before or after my lesson?

Yes, students can swim before and or after their lessons.

Who can attend the students lesson?

We currently have no restrictions on who can attend with the student during lessons.

My child is unwell, should I attend?

In line with current directions, we encourage all persons who are unwell not to attend the facility but to stay home and follow the advice of the Department of Health and get tested if they have symptoms of COVID-19.

Please email and we will consider how we can best support you.

How do I know if my class times have changed?

Lesson days and times will remain the same as prior to lockdown. You may have had a teacher change. An SMS will be sent confirming details prior to commencement.

When will I be debited?

Debits will recommence the fortnight of Monday 1 November to Sunday 14 November in line with your debit schedule. This amount may be a half payment due to lessons starting on the Monday 8 November. Please see Customer service staff if you have any questions.

What happens with the debits for lessons during closure?

We credited all missed lessons payments, you do not need to do anything these will be reflected in your first debit which you may not see due to the credit.

Are you currently taking new enrolments?

At this stage, we have suspended taking new enrolments and expressions of interest whilst we work through the current waitlist.


When can I come for a swim?

Whilst our operating times have returned to normal, there are capacity restrictions in place which may restrict or limit access to the pool during peak times.

Peak Times:

Monday – Friday 3:30pm – 8:00pm

Saturday 8:00am – 12:30pm

During these peak times, the main pool and leisure pool may become unavailable at short notice to members and guests if capacity limits are reached. We may during these times prioritise Learn to Swim Students or other pre-arranged program groups to ensure we continue to operate within the restricted capacities.

Do I have to wear a face mask while exercising?

From 11.59pm, Thursday 18 November, face masks will no longer be required.

How many people will be able to attend?

Capacities will be removed from 11.59pm Thursday 18 November.

Is the pool safe, what changes have you made to ensure the water is clean?

Our water management systems have been reviewed inline with recent changes to government regulations to continue to meet a high standard of safety. All our pools are disinfected with chlorine in-line with the Public Health and Well Being Regulations. Chlorine is proven to disinfect pathogens which include viruses such as COVID-19.

Are the waterslides or aqua play zone open at Splash?

The Aqua Play Zone is open from 4 to 7pm daily and 9pm to close on weekends.

Waterslides will re open for the Summer school holidays

Can I use the equipment, and do I need to bring my own?

As a measure to further reduce any risk, equipment we recommend you brig your own. Limited equipment will be available.

Will the disability hoist be available?

The disability hoist is now available. Please ensure you provide your own sling.

Can I use the spa, steam, sauna?

The steam room and saunas are back open. We ask members to consider others when using these spaces and restrict their time to just 15 minutes to be fair to all users. Management reserve the right to close the steam and sauna if members and guest cannot follow staff direction.

Spa's are open as usual with no capacity limits.

Gym and Group Fitness

Do I have to wear a face mask while exercising?

From 6:00pm, Tuesday 25 May 2021, face masks will be mandatory in all public indoor settings.

Please have your face mask with you at all times, unless you have a lawful exception.

You are able to remove your mask whilst strenuously exercising, but must put it back on once you’ve caught your breath.

How many people will be able to attend each session?

Our gym is limited to 300 people at any time.

Indoor group fitness classes are limited to room capacities

20 Spin Studio

15 Mind Body Studio

30 Main Group Fitness Studio

Do I have to bring a towel?

No Towel – No work out. Please see reception to purchase a towel if you don’t have one. Patrons will be turned away without a towel.

Do I have to provide my own equipment?

We will provide equipment for use, we ask that you sanitise each item after use. It is recommended that you bring your own yoga mat, please see reception if you need to purchase one.

Current restrictions

  • You can find out about these latest restrictions by visiting the Department of Health and Human Services website or phone the Coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398.
  • Information is also available in different languages.
  • Information about these restrictions and how they will affect Council facilities and services can be found at Hume City Council’s website.

Contact Details

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

  • Our staff will be available for any questions via email
  • Our staff will be available for any questions via email weekdays 9am - 5pm 93566800