Swimming is an essential skill. The Swim Intensive Program will help students become safe and confident in the water this Summer.

Our instructors are eager to welcome their students back into the pool and support them to learn vital swimming and water safety skills, this Summer.

This week-long program is a great opportunity for students to become comfortable in the water again after many months. The program will have a strong focus on swimming and water safety, with an emphasis on:

  • water survival skills including floating
  • treading water and safely getting back to the edge if they were to fall in deep water
  • reiterating important water safety messages in a fun environment
  • stroke development and correction.
Attendance is required Monday-Friday for 30 minutes each day, where students will receive intensive instructions on all aspects of swimming, in a safe and enjoyable environment.

When is the program running?

Week 1: Monday 11 January-Friday 15 January

  • Morning Session 9am-1pm
  • Evening Session 4pm-8pm
Week 2: Monday 18 January-Friday 22 January
  • Morning Session 9am-1pm
  • Evening Session 4pm-8pm

What level will students be enrolled in?

  • Existing students will be enrolled into their current levels.
  • New students will be asked a range of questions on arrival to determine the most suitable level.

How much does it cost and what's included?

  • Our swim intensive program is $76.75 per student enrolled (there are no multi-student discount).
  • You can access free play swimming before and after your lesson (waterslide access excluded)

How do I book in?

If you would like your child to participate in both or either intensive program, please come into Splash and we will book you in. Payment required at the time of booking.

Memberships will remain on suspension. Instead, you will pay one upfront fee for the intensive program.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of the program?
$76.75 per student, this is to be paid in full prior to commencing. Your usual direct debit will not recommence until normal swimming lessons start.

Is there a discount for siblings?
No. Due to the limited number of enrolments and the length of the program it is not possible to offer these discounts.

Is there a discount for concession card holders?
No, we are unable to offer discounts. The price has been determined to cover the cost of the instructor.

How do I enrol?
Come into Splash and see our friendly customer service team.

How long are the lessons?

Are changeroom facilities available?
Yes, changeroom and toilet facilities will be accessible to you.

If my child is sick during the program will I receive a refund?
Refunds will not be issued, however, we will provide a credit which can be used at another time.

Will my child be awarded a certificate upon completion of program?
This program will follow our regular swim and survive program. If we feel your child has progressed we will pass them to the next level and a certificate will be issued.

What are you doing to meet COVIDsafe requirements?
Our team have taken steps to ensure a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene including increased cleaning and sanitising equipment between classes, limiting spectators to one person per family, and staff will wear mask when not in the water.

Is social distancing required in the pool?
As per government directives, social distancing is not required when in the pool, however, our staff will ensure children are not to close, where possible.

When is the usual learn to swim program starting?
We are unsure at this stage. We will continue to monitor the changes in COVID-19 restrictions and will adapt our programs where possible.

What levels are available within this program?
With a recent increase in capacity numbers, all age groups and levels are welcome to join this program.

Can my child play before or after the lesson?
Due to the increase in capacity numbers students can swim before or after lesson.

Can I enrol in both weeks or do I have to choose one?

You can enrol into both weeks depending on demand.